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“It actually does what it says it will. I stopped using OTC pain pills. Starting using this. It actually took the pain away.”

-Diane W.


“Works better than Tylenol. The Max Relief Gel has been a game changer! It helps relieve headaches and tension when I travel. Also, taking one after a tough bike ride or run makes all the difference relieving the aches and pains in joints. I highly recommend this product!”

-Brian L.


“I was initially skeptical that this would work, as I’ve had sleep issues for over a decade. I was pleasantly surprised when it immediately helped me to sleep longer in the morning. I also experienced increased energy in the afternoon and was actually functional in the evenings. 

-Karen B.


Healthcare Professional Testimonials

“People are oftentimes impressed, myself included, at how quickly CBD kicks in compared to other natural medicine. In 20 years of practicing natural medicine, Ihave seen anything like this until partnering with Blue Sky CBD. Having a certificate of Analysis to clearly show purity and potency is a major benefit for us.” 

-Dr. Eric Dorninger

“I tried CBD/CBG yesterday and it was the first time in 10 months that I have not had debilitating joint pain! I have tried everything for this pain without relief, it is quite amazing.” 

-Dr. Kelsey Asplin

“Our patients LOVE the Blue Sky CBD Deep Relief Balm with manual therapy, especially the total knee replacement patients. They truly love it and feel the difference almost immediately.”

-Darrel Martin, PT


Caregiving Podcast Series: CBD EXPLAINED

Gary Barg of Today's Caregiver interviews Dr. Eric Dorninger Director of Research & Development BlueSky CBD

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