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Enhance patient care and grow practice revenue with industry-leading CBD topicals used exclusively by healthcare professionals across the United States.

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Optimize patient outcomes with CBD products grounded in scientific research.


Helps in modulating the inflammatory response, potentially offering relief in conditions characterized by inflammation.

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Help in regulating pain perception and offers a promising alternative or complement to traditional pain.

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Range of Motion

Aids in improving flexibility and movement by reducing inflammation and discomfort in muscles and joints and pain.

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Products trusted by healthcare practitioners across the country.

Original Oil

Make every day more balanced with Blue Sky CBD’s 3000mg oil tincture made exclusively from all-natural CBD oil isolate and coconut oil.

MSRP $125 | Wholesale $45 | Profit $45


Sleep Gels

These powerful sleep gels contain 25mg CBD + 25mg CBN isolates for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

MSRP $90 | Wholesale $45 | Profit $45


"There is enough pain relief and adaptability research done on these products for you to pay attention. I'd like you to try these products in your practice."

Dr. Eric Goodman, Founder, Foundation Training

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50% margins on all Blue Sky CBD products

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Dive into the science behind our CBD formulas and learn how they may help your patients.

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Explore how our formulation stands apart in potency and purity.

Zero THC

Rigorously lab-tested and certified to ensure 0% THC content.

Hemp Derived

Non-GMO hemp oil sourced from farms in Oregon and Colorado.

CBD + CBG Isolates

Processed to eliminate all other materials - resulting in 99% purity.

"When we apply the Max Relief Balm during treatment we can literally see inflammation decrease and our patients get off the table with a noticeable decrease in their pain. This topical has been an incredible asset for our team going on 5 years."

Darrell Martin, Physical Therapist

Leverage the power of all-natural CBD in your treatment plan.


"Really helped witth ankle pain and swelling. Easy to use and works quickly. Wish I could rub it over my entire body!"

Kathy W.

Verified Buyer - Max Relief Balm

Helps Me Sleep!

"I had been using another brand of CBD-only oil to help with sleep. My naturopath suggested the Blue Sky CBD + CBN. This product has had a big difference in falling sleep and staying asleep. I will be reordering and continue using."

Toni M.

Verified Buyer - Sleep Gel

Finally, Sleep.

"I’ve tried a lot of different CBD products for sleep. This is the only one that gets me to sleep and keeps me asleep all night. I’m so grateful that I finally found something that works!"

Donna M.

Verified Buyer - Sleep Gel

Relieves Our Pain

"Excellent! My husband & I have been using Blue Sky CBD for a couple of years now. If we have muscle or nerve pain we rub the Blue Sky CBD on the area & the pain goes away. It’s easy to use without getting it all over your hands, just take the top off & apply by just rubbing the roll on in the area."

Angel L.

Verified Buyer - Max Relief Balm


"This product has changed my life. At 65 I often have trouble with my sleep pattern. I’ll get up to use the facility and now am able to fall back asleep with no problem at all. The busy brain is shut off and my body feels relaxed and restful."

Jacquelyn M.

Verified Buyer - Sleep Oil

Just What I Needed

"In the few weeks I have had the Maximum Relief Balm I have discovered that not only am I popping fewer ibuprofen, but I am sleeping better. I need to buy another one to carry in my purse!"

Sarah H.

Verified Buyer - Max Relief Balm

Zero THC
Trusted by Healthcare Professionals
Guaranteed Potency & Purity