"People are often times impressed, myself included, at how quickly CBD kicks in compared to other natural medicine. In 20yrs of practicing natural medicine I haven't seen anything like this until partnering with Blue Sky CBD.  Having a certificate of analysis to clearly show purity and potency is a major benefit for us.  Thorough screening for pesticides and final batch tested zero THC, is rare in the CBD world and lets me sleep well at night when applying this with my patients."
Dr. Eric Dorninger

"Blue Sky CBD is the best products we've found that consistently produce great results.   Patients get relief and love the Deep Relief Balm, Sky Gels and the 3000mg oil.   To have a group like Blue Sky providing us with ongoing education and full transparency with their formulas has been incredible for our whole group, and most of all our patients."
Dr. Adam Graves

"I am particularly impressed with the balm. I do a lot of work with chronic pain and that stuff is amazing, and easy to use."

Dr. Deborah Angersbach

"Our patients LOVE the Blue Sky CBD Deep Relief Balm with manual therapy, especially the total knee replacement patients.  They truly love it and feel the difference almost immediately."
Darrel Martin

"I tried the CBD/CBG yesterday and it was the first time in 10 months that I have not had debilitating joint pain! I have tried everything for this pain without relief, it is quite amazing."
Dr. Kim Bruno

"I’m a 67 year old guy who has had two strokes and has struggled with high blood pressure for as long as I can remember. I can be a little hard headed and was hesitant to try CBD to help lower it. After being convinced by my wife and doctor I started to use CBD and after just a week saw a rather dramatic decrease in my blood pressure, which also came with a better general sense of well-being. I’ve been using it in my daily regiments ever since."
David Carpenter

"I highly recommend this product. My 87 year old grandma had cancer and the Gels helped her so much going thru it all. My mom also had foot pain after working all day and she started taking the Gels and started feeling way better. They are super grateful with how fast it worked and the benefits it had."
Nicki Snow

"I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for over 25 years, lots of pain and little sleep. I have used medical marijuana products and hate the way they make me feel. I have tried other CBD products and they didn’t seem to help much. The Blue Sky tincture helps with the pain and lets me sleep. I would definitely recommend Blue Sky over the other products because it is consistent with the amount of CBD and it helps every time."

"This product has been great for me. I highly recommend it"
Kim Harper Sims

"I had been hesitant to use a CBD tincture for a long time, but kept hearing such great things about different relief people were getting. I decided to try Blue Sky CBD since I knew exactly what I was getting and it was awesome. While I’m fortunate not to have any substantial pain it gives me incredible relaxation after a long days work, almost immediately relieves any aches and pains, and seems to help me be more present throughout the day!"
Justin Nagel

"The daily droplets have helped me steer clear of the negative side effects of prescription mood stabilizers, while very noticeably improving the balance my emotions over the last 6 months!"
Wes Zolecki

"I must admit that I was skeptical about CBD but over time connected with many folks who have been using the tincture for some time. I then suggested to a dear friend who had been attacked by a dog and had significant facial trauma. The pain she was experiencing was unimaginable. She tried the tincture and experienced immediate relief. Though I had not used it, watching her improve so quickly convinced me that all I had heard was genuine. Now, I use it twice a day, every day. Though I don’t have pain, it has helped me in other ways. I am sleeping better, I don’t have daily morning headaches and I do feel that I have more clarity in my thought process. I am a true believer and have talked to others about this change for me. I would recommend to anyone who feels they have a need for these types of changes in their lives."
Deb Baylog