Kim O’Brien - Pain Management

“I have been in multiple car accidents over the years, this along with a fall in my early years has caused several damaged/ruptured discs in my back and neck. I also have arthritis all along my spine. I had a knee injury and have had surgery a couple times. All of this was causing daily pain and uncomfortable days and restless nights. I had been taking four Ibuprofen several times a day for 15 plus years. I was first introduced to the Blue Sky CBD Pro Gels, Sleep Gels and the Max Relief Balm by my gym, and I thought well, let’s try something different that is not as harsh on my body. After two weeks of using all three products daily I was amazed by the pain relief and the mobility I was able to get after just two weeks of use. I continued to use the gels regularly and the balm for extra relief, I was so happy to realize I had not taken ANY Ibuprofen in about a month. The relief I still get from these products has been life changing for me. I recommend it to anyone who has chronic pain or even just a minor injury. I not only have little to no pain but sleep well without pain, so I feel more refreshed.”

~ Kim O’Brien