Gerry Naugle - Max Relief

“This goes back a ways to 2009, when CO became one of the very first states (a few months behind CA) to allow medical use of CBD. I immediately did start researching the CBD full spectrum products, mainly oils with mixed results. One thing for sure, they did not taste good, at all going down and left harsh aftertastes. The new Blue Sky products of the MAX RELIEF CBD + CBG in the dropper bottles goes down very smooth and with no adverse aftertastes. The MAX RELIEF CBD + CBG BALM in the roll-on tubes is “amazing material!” The potency of these two inflammation lowering products is un-paralleled among any of similar products from other vendors. Unlike the others, you can feel the relief of these immediately, and it lasts for hours! After time, it builds up in the bloodstream and the pain relief goes for days (becomes more permanent). After trying many other CBD formulations from lots of other vendors since 2009, these two Blue Sky CBD + CBG combination products are simply the very best that I have ever seen! Period!”

~ Gerry Naugle