Crosby - Pet Love

“We started our lab mix Crosby on Blue Sky Pet Love CBD about a few months ago at the age of 10. At that point, any hike or playing fetch would cause Crosby to limp with obvious pain to his shoulders. We tried NSAIDs from the vet, but that would give him an upset stomach. We tried to get him to take it easy, but he just doesn’t realize he’s not a pup anymore! We finally tried Pet Love from Blue Sky CBD at the suggestion of some friends and have been amazed with the results, Crosby is truly getting a new lease on life. At 11 he’s slowing down, but the pain relief he gets from the CBD oil is obvious. At this point if we run out for a couple of days he’ll start to have a slight limp and as soon as he’s back on his daily dose of Pet Love, the limp is gone! Our family can’t thank the folks at Blue Sky CBD enough for providing a great product that gives Crosby the relief he needs to enjoy his golden years.”

~ Dan Wilson on behalf of Crosby