Alissa Wolf - Headaches

“Blue Sky CBD has been a really helpful tool in my life as a touring musician. In the past, when I finished late shows, I was wired for hours and I always struggled to fall asleep. I tried the CBD sleep gels and it was a total game changer. Within 30 minutes after taking one gel, I felt relaxed and then once I fell asleep, I was able to stay asleep too. This is my new routine on the road. I had such a great experience with the sleep gels that I decided to try the Max Relief pain gels. They have also proven to be very effective! They have helped me with minor aches and pains, general stress/anxiety and tension headaches. I used to rely on Tylenol or Alieve for headaches, but they just barely dull the pain without relaxing your muscles. If I take the Max Relief pain gels, I can actually feel it relax my neck and it releases that pain at the base of my head. It’s like a miracle. I have a pretty sensitive constitution and I was a little worried about feeling side effects, but I have only felt relief in all the best ways. I love this product and will keep a supply with me on tour, always.”

~ Alissa Wolf