Jeffrey J - CIRS

“I was officially diagnosed with CIRS in 2020. Like many of us with this illness, I’ve been through multiple doctors who never could provide any real answers as to why I felt so miserable. I suffered from continuous anxiety and depression, migraine headaches, brain fog, anger and rage. The scariest part about being that ill was not the illness itself, it was not knowing why. I had spent nearly three decades working on and living in old houses being restored. Uncovering mold and rot was the norm. I was completely clueless that mold and bacterial toxins were making me sick. Enter Dr. Dorninger and Blue Sky CBD to save me! I discovered Dr Dorninger on a podcast and after hearing his own CIRS story I was convinced this was the man that could fix me. Thank God he took me as a patient. I already had all the labs. I have the dreaded 4-3-53 haplotype. My neuroquant showed damage and atrophy to multiple brain regions. My TGF-beta 1 was over 16000, MMP-9 was near 1500 and MSH was under 8. I was on fire with inflammation.The usual attempts at the protocol other doctors had already tried were still not working. I could not even tolerate fish oil.Dr. D decided to try me on Blue Sky CBD Max Relief Oil. This has been a total game changer. The pain and soreness experienced after the smallest amount of exertion disappeared. Depression gone. Anxiety gone. I am tolerating my environment better. I’m taking supplements again and am about to embark on the protocol to get me well. I’m exercising again and just joined a gym! My mood is always good and I’m quite agreeable nowadays which my wife appreciates very much. This is the best medicine I’ve ever taken without a doubt and I’ve tried so many things. The quality of my life has improved so much it’s hard to believe sometimes..”

~ Jeffrey J