Our mission is simple.  To formulate and manufacture world class products for healthier communities.  We believe in full transparency and working with our partners to ensure you're up to speed on all the latest data.   The majority of our partners are also in the health & wellness arena and welcome the conversation.  Please email us at info@bluesky-cbd.com to learn more. 

Partner Testimonial:

“I realized that after treating most of my patients about half of them are already on some sort of CBD product. After doing some research we realized that the products on the market often had poor quality CBD so we wanted to source a locally grown product that was high-quality and rich with CBD density to get patients optimal relief. Blue Sky was easily the best company we’ve found.

We’ve been working with Blue Sky CBD for over 2 years, and continue to be amazed at the feedback that our patient population gives us in regards to reduced inflammation and pain management.  In addition, the marketing support that Blue Sky CBD has given us to drive new patients into our clinic has been invaluable.”

Dennis Martin,
Owner of Pro Active Physical Therapy


Please email us at info@bluesky-cbd.com to learn more.