Dr. Dorninger

"People are often times impressed, myself included, at how quickly CBD kicks in compared to other natural medicine. In 20yrs of practicing natural medicine I haven't seen anything like this until partnering with Blue Sky CBD. Having a certificate of analysis to clearly show purity and potency is a major benefit for us. Thorough screening for pesticides and final batch tested zero THC, is rare in the CBD world and let's me sleep well at night when applying this with my patients."

Blue Sky CBD Oils

Blue Sky CBD isolate oils come in a range of concentrations to fit your needs and help improve your overall well-being. They are packaged in a dropper bottle and are convenient and easy-to-use.

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Blue Sky CBD Balms

Our topical CBD balm harnesses the power of CBD oil to soothe sore muscles and body aches at the source. Our easy-to-apply CBD sticks and balms aren’t messy like lotions or creams.

Blue Sky CBD Gels

Our THC-free CBD gel caps capture the therapeutic power of the hemp plant in a convenient package. CBD pills can easily be added to your daily supplement routine to support general wellness.