Sue's Knee Replacement Story

I am known by many as "Miss Sue " I am now 69 years old. 

My past includes 11 years of being a Nanny, after my children grew up. I broke a rib on my last week of Nanny Job #1 while sleigh riding.  I also had many years of chef work for big events at church. 
My shoulders and knees took abuse over the years. I was introduced to CBD oil back in NJ under chiropractic care and Neuro Somatic therapy. I used only capsules at that time. 
That is when my husband had the Alzheimer's diagnosis. We immediately began using it for him. In the beginning stages, he was weaning off of mental medications that were toxic to him. The CBD oil helped buffer that. Upon moving here, we switched to Blue Sky CBD. I appreciate the purity and potency of their products.  I really know it helped keep him remain more stable and better than mental medications and the awful side effects. We kept him off them until I had to place him. Upon having had to place him in Memory Care after a stroke in January 2023, he can only use the balm there. 
The balm has proved helpful for my knee and shoulder pain. My knees are no longer an issue. I needed two partial knee replacements. I recently fell on my bad shoulder and now in PT for Tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis. The balm penetrates and relieves pain and discomfort. 
I have also found the balm a healer for skin issues. I apply for eczema and some dry spots. It's very healing. I use it throughout the day as I need for the pain.