CBD Basics from Dr. Eric Dorninger, ND

Cannabidiol tincture or oil is the extraction of the molecule CBD from the cannabis plant. Although CBD can be extracted from Marijuana or Cannabis, CBD is highly concentrated in the hemp plant and is usually extracted from the hemp plant. Full hemp extract, or Full spectrum CBD is a distillation of all the constituents in hemp. 

What CBD oil is, including how it's consumed, how it's absorbed by the body, and the effects it's supposed to have? 

CBD oil is the concentrated CBD oil usually extracted from the hemp plant.  It is one phytocannabinoid (plant cannabinoid v. self made endogenous cannabinoids in our body). "Anandamide" or the bliss molecule, is a cannabinoid our body creates from dietary fats. CBD enhances anandamide in the body, but comes from supplemental "exogenous" or outside the body hemp extraction. 

CBD is usually delivered with a carrier oil like MCT oil from coconut or olive oil.  CBD is fat soluble and is easily absorbed across the intestinal lining. 

CBD is NOT hemp, but a single phytocannabinoid isolate.  Secondary to THC, CBD is the most well studied phytocannabinoid and has shown profound benefits for symptoms of anxiety, mood, pain and neuroinflammatory disorders like Multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons. 

CBD is a novel anti-inflammatory with a wonderful safety profile.  It helps promote and enhance our self-made cannabinoids and is an uplifting productivity molecule with potent effects on our brain chemistry, our immune systems and our endocrine glands.  More specifically, CBD enhances 5-HT1 binding in the brain to boost serotonin (the enthusiasm molecule) D2 Dopamine receptors (Dopamine for ambition and drive, feelings of self-worth, hopefulness, decisiveness and the ability to finish tasks) and GABA (a), our molecule for feeling cool, calm and collected. 

What are the pros and cons of CBD oil?

PRO's: very safe and effective supplement for mood and dampening inflammation and pain.

CON's: source matters, public and healthcare confuses Hemp with CBD isolate all the time (totally different) and CBD can interact with traditional blood thinners (Warfarin, Heparin, Coumadin takers should only take CBD with healthcare supervision).  

Can you describe what a CBD tincture is, including how it's consumed, how it's absorbed by the body, and the effects it should have. 

CBD tincture is taken under the tongue in the morning and can be used again midday and /or late afternoon. Unlike hemp, CBD is uplifting and calming, whereas hemp is sedating (due to terpenes). Dosage depends on your conditions. For wellness, 30 mg of CBD isolate one to two times per day can be very helpful.  For severe anxiety, 150 mg one to two times per day can be necessary to calm the brain.