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All the benefits of restful sleep, without the grogginess of the typical sleep aid. Our clients love Blue Sky SLEEP Gels and so will you. 

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Blue Sky 50mg SLEEP Gels

Get deeper more restorative sleep without feeling groggy in the morning.  Our SLEEP formula is the most potent cannabis based sleep formula on the market.  We go to extra lengths to isolate the CBN molecule which has a very unique sedative property. 

50mg | 30 count


1 Gel = 25mg CBD + 25mg CBN

Take 1 gel orally 30 minutes before bed.  Increase to 2 gels if necessary. Use daily. Individual results may vary.

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Blue Sky CBD

Health and wellness are the keys to good living. At Blue Sky, our CBD products are designed to help you to be an active participant and feel your absolute best while doing it. That not only means maximizing the therapeutic benefits of CBD, but doing so with products you can trust. So, whether you need to alleviate pain, ease sleep or gain a greater sense of well-being, you’ll discover a Blue Sky product to support your goals.

“I have been using sleeping pills for years and recently transitioned to using the CBD/CBN sleep gels I am sleeping like a rock!! So soundly!! It’s amazing and I wake feeling rested and not at all groggy! Love it so much!!"

Jeannene E.

“I found it really helped me fall asleep quickly and feel rested. I am continuing to take them.”

Bruce G.

“Sleep great, don’t wake up groggy and little to NO PAIN!!! Love these gels!”

Kim O.

“In my first week using Blue Sky SLEEP gels my sleep quality increased 12% with an extra hour of sleep EVERY night. I’m floored by the nearly immediate impact and I feel so much better going about my day!”

Brian M