Sheri Silver - Severe Anxiety and Insomnia

“I was diagnosed with Mold Illness, and for the past 10 years, I have suffered from extreme anxiety which used to deeply impact both my day-to-day interactions as well as my ability to get a restful night’s sleep. The only thing that helped me were strong pharmaceutical medications which required gradual increases over time to achieve the same results. It was Dr. Eric Dorninger who introduced me to Greg Carpenter at Blue Sky CBD and suggested that I give it a try. He praised it as being far more effective than any other cbd product that he had tried previously. I was skeptical but wanted to be free of the strong medications that I had been relying upon for so long. I had experimented with a variety of other cbd oils (full spectrum) and only experienced mild results. They also required significantly high doses which came with a large price tag. Once I began using Blue Sky CBD oil (3000 mg), I felt the difference! I began to get more restful sleep and have been able to reduce the pharmaceuticals to a point where I will be free of them within the next few months.”

~ Sheri Silver